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About our site

AZ Bulk Brass is committed to supplying premium quality fired brass to the reloading community. Our brass is gathered, cleaned, and separated by hand. Most shipments will contain Mixed Commercial Head Stamps. Each shipment contains 1% over-ship to compensate for the possibility of unrelaodable brass, although damaged brass is very rare due to handsorting prior to shipment. We will personally check inventory and try to accommodate even the toughest orders so please feel free to contact us for rare or unusual rounds.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a premium product for your reloading and shooting experience. A tumble polish service is also available, priced at .02 per casing. Tumbling greatly reduces Lead, Nitrates and any other contaminants. Some specialty rounds and all rifle rounds (excluding .223 and .30 Carbine) are complimentary tumbled. AZ Bulk Brass does not sell live ammunition.